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Started: P18 | Finished : P12 | Standings: 12th (18pts)

“It was an okay race for us. To be honest, it was extremely hard to pass. Very little degradation across either set of tires, so everyone was just stuck on the same strategy and not able to do much. The only excitement that we had was on a pit sequence, which didn’t work out for us whatsoever. Unfortunately, the leader [Newgarden] came out in front of us when we were still on an in-lap and held us up massively. We spent multiple second on that exchange and it cost us massively. We should’ve been right behind Palou, who ended up sixth. We should’ve been in the top 10, even knocking on the top five, but it was literally the matter of that one lap that cost us a stronger finish. Overall though, the No. 27 AutoNation Honda was really fast the entire race – you just can’t pass out there. At least this year we weren’t five feet in the air, so that’s the positive we’re going to take away from it. We raced clean and the car was fast, we’ll just capitalize that for Long Beach.”